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#924 – Wide Column Trophy with Wooden Lid and Base


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Wide Column Trophy with Wooden Lid and Base

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Trophy Sizes

924-A 6" Column, 924-B 9" Column, 924-C 12" Column

Trophy Colors

PC8700 Blue Splash, PC8701 Red Splash, PC8702 Green Splash, PC8703 Gold Splash, PC8704 Silver Splash, PC8705 Black Splash, PC8706 Purple Splash

Trophy Toppers

F364 – Male Baseball Player, F361 – Female Softball Player, F154 – Male Swimmer, F153 – Female Swimmer, F124 – Male Tennis Player, F123 – Female Tennis Player, F402 – Male Soccer Player, F401 – Female Soccer Player, F2302 – Male Gymist, F2301 – Female Gymist, F2282 – Male Horse Shoe Thrower, F2281 – Female Horse Shoe Thrower, F682 – Male Ice Hockey Player, F681 – Female Ice Hockey Player, MF4362 – Football Player, F4372 – Male Golfer, F4371 – Female Golfer, MF4262 – Male Basketball Player, MF4261 – Female Basketball Player, F806 – Male Action Players, F805 – Female Action Players, F4206 – Male Double Action Players, F4205 – Female Double Action Players, F792 – Male Bowler, F791 – Female Bowler